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day 0


day 1

题目充满恶意。。T1 mogician是什么鬼。。ccf吃枣药丸,T2比T3难是什么鬼。。结果T2最后都没写出来,只写了个乱搞的启发式合并骗95分走人(说不定还没骗到)。。出来感觉考场里其他人都一副ak了的样子感觉自己要身败名裂了。。


day 2



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All Andhra Pradesh State Class 10th (SSC) Students can download AP SSC Science model paper 2023 with Answer solutions in Chapter by Chapter for Physical Science, Chemistry, Biological Science and Environmental science for AP SSC Science Model Paper 2023 examination test for Unit Test-1, Unit Test-2, AP SSC General Science Question Paper Unit Test-3, Unit Test-4, and Quarterly, Half Yearly, Pre-Final with Annual final examination tests 2023. The Andhra Pradesh State Board of Secondary Education has published the General Science model paper with study material with practice paper with mock test question bank as AP 10th Biology, PS, Chemistry Model Paper 2023 for all examination tests conducted by BSEAP.

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